Traveling to Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat doesn’t  complete, if you not see an original life of Sasak.  At Sade Village, Pujut Distric, Midlle of Lombok, you can find The Sasak Villages, that had original Culture.  You take a mass transportation for Mataram – Praya line, to Mataram city. The Mass Transportation through Sade Village, where have  distance about 20 kilometers.
Upon your arriving in Sade Village, you must registration on the book guest and give money to donation. You can using a guides to take a walk around the villages.
In The Sade Village, you can see Sasak women, who  is sewing “Tenun “ in front of her home. You can asking with her about  traditional sewing process, even do it to process.
The Traditional house of Sade Village had made of woods, bamboo, and the straw roof.  Especially for their house are cleaned with shit of cows.
All of the exoticism traditional of Sasak become has a moments , that could free documented with your camera.
The Sasak peoples are selling many kind souvenirs, Tenunan, necklaces, etc. Price of souvenir is variation and cheaper relative.

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Fak fak


This district is famous with nutmeg plant, which makes the city is known as the "City of Pala" or town nutmeg. Fakfak is one of the oldest cities in Papua, with a high civilization.

Historically the consortium is a significant port town, became one of the few cities in Papua, which has a relationship with the Sultanate of Ternate. Sultanate later Dutch colonial government granted permission to settle in Papua, including in the consortium. Dutch began settlement in 1898. The city still has some colonial buildings remaining from the settlement.

The consortium is located in West Papua, Indonesia, on Bomberai near Tambaruni Bay Peninsula. It is located in an area with lots of chalk hills, rivers and caves. Thus, the roads twist and turn. The consortium has a small community of Muslim Arabs and India and Indonesia, which are the descendants of the merchants who came to Papua in the 19th century. However, due to the consortium reduced role as a port city population has decreased.

Fak Fak is a very remote area that is located in the south-east of Raja Ampat in Irian Jaya (West Papua), the water here is very rich in nutrients and there are millions of amazing species that live therein. There is always a new fish and coral species are found all the time.

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Kerumutan Forest Reserves, Riau

This wildlife reserve forest areas scattered around 1,332,169 ha and is inhabited by many species of flora and fauna typical of lowland forest. In this region there is a mangrove tree through the Kampar River, this is what makes this special forest among other forest spread across the island of Sumatra.

Kerumutan forest reserves is a conservation area located in District Kerumutan and spread across two districts namely Pelalawan and Indragiri Hulu, Riau Province. Forest boundary is Indragiri River, Kampar River, the East Coast of Sumatra and East Cross Road Sumatra.

This lowland forest conditions vary, which is divided into three areas: core area (Kerumutan Wildlife Refuge area) covering 93 223 ha, Peat Protected Areas (potential expansion area) which covers 52 213 ha, and outside the core area (Intervention), this is the place who saved peat swamp forest ecosystem, covering 1,176,734 ha.

Although these forests are being used as industrial land forests, plantations and forest cultivation Kerumutan but is maintaining its privileges. In addition to the magnificent views of the jungle, the main attraction of this forest is in the richness of flora and fauna and one of them is the existence of tigers.

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